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2018-10-15 16:31:39

SNI in RHEL 5 Apache

The custom httpd package for RHEL/CentOS 5 now also offers SNI / server name indication. And the default size of dhparams was increased to 2048 bit (RHEL 6 default: 1024 bit). In total these enhancements were done on the original package:


  • provide SNI support
  • recompiled against openssl1 package (ported from RHEL 6)
  • use bigger DH params
  • some secure basic options for SSL_CTX_set_options() hardcoded
  • basic ECDH support
  • improved default SSLCipherSuite in ssl.conf
  • configurable DH params by SSLDhParamsFile config option
  • weekly cronjob for updating dh2048.pem

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