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2019-09-22 22:47:24

ODROID GO as network tool

Hardkernel's ODROID GO handheld game kit is well known for his ability to emulate Gameboy and many more game consoles as also for ports of games like 3D Wolfenstein or Doom.

But with his versatile peripheral hardware like e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth and his expansion port with GPIO pins it allows a wide range of applications. Example applications with external hardware are a Weather Station and an Ultrasonic Distance Meter.

Programming is easy with the Arduino IDE even for novices. A lot of libraries are already available because ORDROID GO is based on the widely used ESP32 platform.

As first application I started developing of a "WiFi/network tool". Currently it can do some network tests and light configuration changes in our network. This is an example screenshot:

screenshot wific application

The Wifi connection works very well even through some walls. This Proof Of Concept is already very useful and I will continue to enhance it.

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