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2021-01-24 18:19:18

Jitsi Meet RPM packages for RHEL/CentOS/OEL 7

First enable tuxad repository:

rpm -i

We also need the EPEL repository. If you don't have it configured then follow the instructions on

Next required repo is nodesource. Enable it via tuxad meta package:

yum install nodesource-release-el7

Install jitsi-meet-install package which will by dependency also install other required packages:

yum install jitsi-meet-install

Add two entries to your DNS server to point to the server you are installing on:

  • auth.jitsi.YOURDOMAIN.COM

After DNS is set up the final Jitsi Meet configuration can be done. The configuring script will call certbot to get certificates from Let's Encrypt.

It is important that (at least when running the configure script) no service is running on TCP port 80. If you have an http server running on this port then shut it down, run the configure script and then start it up again.

The configure script requires at least the IP address (IPv4) and the hostname. Example:

Run this script with your own settings. You are done!

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