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2019-07-21 21:42:04

Intel/Altera Quartus FPGA suite RPM repository

Intel/Altera Quartus is a software suite for FPGA development. Unfortunately it has some nasty dependencies on old packages. Intel says that Quartus is intended to be run on RHEL / CentOS 6 and some library dependencies confirm this. But there's also a dependency on which is actually OpenSSL 0.98 which was not used in RHEL 6 but in RHEL 5.

I created an RPM spec file for building a quartus RPM package from the tar file and I also created some packages to resolve dependencies:

  • quartus-spec
  • libpng12
  • libudev0
  • ncurses57-libs
  • openssl0
  • zeromq3

Depending on the OS your are using it could be that ncurses57 is not required. On e.g. Fedora 28 the dependency can be resolved by package ncurses-compat-libs. Don't be confused by ncurses being installed two times: Quartus requires the 64 bit and also the 32 bit version of

My repository also provides usb-blaster-udev which installs a rules file to provide a symlink to an USB Blaster I/II device and also sets the permissions to enable dialout group members to use this device:

# ls -l /dev/*blaster*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 15 Jul 21 22:56 \\
    /dev/usb-blaster -> bus/usb/001/017
# ls -l /dev/bus/usb/001/017
crw-rw-r-- 1 root dialout 189, 16 Jul 21 22:56 \\

The repo does not provide a full Quartus RPM due to license and size reasons. But the provided RPM spec file can be used to build a Quartus RPM package by your own. You only need the Quartus 18.1 tar file and this spec file for doing that. The spec file supports two build options:

  • --with fullinstall: install all components, package default: only Cyclone IV
  • --with checkmd5: verify tar file MD5 checksum

Here's is an example installation of a Quartus RPM built this way:

# rpm -U quartus-
error: Failed dependencies:
 /bin/csh is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus-18.1... is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus- is needed by quartus-
 usb-blaster-udev is needed by quartus-
# yum install quartus-
Dependencies resolved.
Package             Arch   Version           Repository
quartus             x86_64 @commandline
Installing dependencies:
libpng12            x86_64 2:1.2.49-2.el6    tuxad-quartus-64
libudev0            x86_64 147-2.73.el6.2.1  tuxad-quartus-64
ncurses-compat-libs i686   6.1-5.20180224... updates
ncurses-compat-libs x86_64 6.1-5.20180224... updates
openssl0            x86_64 0.9.8e-40.el6.1.2 tuxad-quartus-64
tcsh                x86_64 6.20.00-9.fc28    fedora
usb-blaster-udev    noarch 1.0-1             tuxad-quartus-64
zeromq3             x86_64 3.2.5-2.el6       tuxad-quartus-64

Transaction Summary
Install  9 Packages

Total size: 3.8 G
Total download size: 4.5 M
Installed size: 11 G
Is this ok [y/N]:

Activate the Quartus repo by installing its RPM package:

rpm -i

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