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We run internal DNSBLs. These DNSBLs are NOT PUBLIC.
If you don't know what's meant by DNSBL or RBL please look at:

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For about 4 months I had increasing traffic on my NON PUBLIC DNSBLs which run for more than 10 years.
Only some networks have access allowed. All other addresses get DNS-REFUSE answers by rbldnsd.
More than 2000 of stupid admins all over the world don't care about this.
More than 2000 of stupid admins of servers with IP addresses of these networks:
DYNDNS, OpenDNS, OVH, Barracuda, Hetzner, GreatNet, A1 Telekom, Google and many more.
Some statistics about what those fucking stupid idiots are causing:
80 GB DNS UDP traffic per month and approx. 1200 requests PER SECOND.
It seems that no one does care. Now I will do the same thing like other DNSBLs HAD TO DO in the past:
I send to every unauthorized client.
(The rbldnsd patch for doing this is available on request.)

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